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I love my Harmoni desk and phone holder. No more worries about where to put my phone. Everything is in its place!

Love the Harmoni desk!

My husband has been working from home for over a year. He's used to a standing desk in office at work so he had to improvise at home until we ordered the Harmoni desk. It meets his needs perfectly; easy to set up and put up at the end of the day. He loves it.

Harmoni® Stehtisch
Isabel Bruder

Super schnelle Lieferung! Einfacher Aufbau. Bin sehr zufrieden.

Harmoni® Stehtisch
Cornelia Tausch-Hörmann

Der Stehtisch erfüllt die Funktion so wie erwünscht, ist sehr robust ausgeführt und schaut auch gut aus! Die Lieferung erfolgte prompt! Alles in allem Note sehr gut!

Good design, works as expected

Well designed, and works well for a standing desk for my laptop. The construction (plywood) could be better: the slots in the back piece are off centre by about 3/4 of a cm (doesn’t affect function but noticeable) and the keyboard piece wasn’t completely finished at the back (had splinters that I sanded off)

Perfect for me

Love my Harmoni desk as an alternative to my daily sit-down desk! I like that I can easily take it apart and move it where I’d like! I’ve told quite a few friends and colleagues about it too!

Harmoni Standing Desk

Harmoni Standing Desk
Cindy Leonard
So awesome!

Wood seems very sturdy, super easy to assemble and take apart!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Wish I had this a year ago

I had looked at several standing desks on Instagram before purchasing this one and kept putting it off. Standing at the table was possible with various makeshift shelves but this is the best option. I finally decided to buy one when one of my friends was talking about her's. I like the movable shelves and that if i need to, I can sit and just move the shelves around. It's made of sturdy wood and I am hoping it's going to last a very long time.
This is definitely a good way to go if you are at working at a computer for long periods of time. My shoulders and back are already thanking me for it.
Like other reviewers, it's so easy to put together and can be used on any surface.

Great customer service

Beautiful stylish desk. There were a few issues with the order, but the customer service were very responsive and resolved them quickly.

Harmoni Standing Desk,

Functional, flexible, Portable, and artistically attractive

Harmoni Standing Desk
Sonera Jhaveri
Great stand!

It’s helping my posture and concentration!


Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit meiner neuen Errungenschaft. Jetzt teile ich mir meine Arbeit in sitzend und stehend ein und fühle mich am Abend nicht so "eingedrückt". Sehr empfehlenswert, diese Arbeitsweise.

Love it

Good quality wood. Sturdy. I regret not buying it sooner

Neues Arbeitsgefühl

Bestellung eines Sonderangebotes zu einem guten Preis. Lieferung erfolgte ganz schnell am nächsten Tag. Seitdem ständig im Gebrauch. Sieht gut aus und ist schnell auf- und abgebaut und ersetzt mir im Homeoffice meinen höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch im Büro.

I really love my Harmoni Standing Desk. It is sturdy, cute, and easy to set up at the start of my workday and put away when I’m done with it for the day. It makes a big difference for me to be able to stand while working. Highly recommend!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Emily Griffiths
Worth the money!

Really good quality, great for your back!

My favorit setup.

I like my Harmoni desk setup with three wide shelfs, 80x24cm. On the top shelf I have an additional screen and my laptop, the middle shelf is for my notebook and mouse, whilst the bottom shelf is for the additional keyboard. This gives me room for everything I need to be able to work standing up all day long.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Brad Fitzsimmons
Great product and delivered on time

Really, really happy. I find so much of business these days you get let down, this did not happen, I am very, very happy with Harmoni both in product and service.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Lindsay Sealey
Love this desk so much!

After sitting at a desk all during Covid, my back was very sore. I bought this desk and gave away my desk chair. I haven’t sat in a month for work and my back pain is gone. This desk is fabulous. So easy to put together with adjustable heights for the shelves. Love it! Wish I had bought it sooner!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Genevieve Grqndbois

Il est parfait!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Tamara Johnson
Best purchase for the home office!

Love it. It’s easy to move adjust. Simple clean lines makes it aesthetically great too. Feel better already!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Paloma Lorenzo
You get what you see

Same as in pictures. Good material. Heavy, but normal as it is solid wood.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Thomas Hansen
Great product, amazing design

Having been working from home more often I was looking for a solution that would allow me to stand. The Harmoni standing desk is a great solution, love the simplicity of the design and Euro styling. And it’s perfectly functional.

Harmoni® Stehtisch
Martin Hiller

Harmoni® Stehtisch