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Harmoni Standing Desk
Bruno Bossola
Great standing desk

This is a great option for a standing desk. It looks good, easy to setup. The price is a bit high, but it's sturdy and I expect to last very long.


The desk is great, especially as it’s easy to carry from room to room. Really clever design

Limited Time: Harmoni Desk + FREE Standing Mat (worth £39.95)
Duncan Fisher
Practical & Portable

Very easy to assemble and dismantle, so works well for a mix between sitting & standing. As a software developer a lack of space for extra monitors isn’t idea but it is suitable for standing for a few hours when I want a change - and also very stylish, at a reasonable price.

I lusted after this desk for a year or so. I finally bit the bullet and wondered why I had waited so long! I opted for the oak version. Its beautiful quality. Just look at the number of 5 star reviews and take it from all of us, you won’t be disappointed. This purchase has put me on such a high. I just love it!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Barbara leyland

Thanks for the prompt delivery. I’m using my standing desk as I write this. Just what I need. An excellent product.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Catherine Marks
Perfect solution!

I’d highly recommend! I’m so grateful to have found Harmoni, I love my new standing desk. I have a small area to work in at home & needed something to allow standing working while being easy to pack away and store, this fits the bill perfectly. It’s also brought an end to back pain & discomfort after a year working from the sofa during lockdown. This is a gem, so sturdy & does everything I want it to.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Ishreen Bradley

I love this standing desk! Not only is it versatile in allowing a range of different heights, it is absolutely beautiful!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Biswajit Chakraborty
Great simplistic design and great fittings

Have been trying to make the work from home healthier since the lockdown and pandemic. So been looking for some standing tables. This one came in the Instagram feeds and instantly struck my attention.
Very easy to assmble (less than 10 mins) and works like a charm. Intelligent design and thought. Happy to recoomend to anyone looking for an economical standing table.


Beautiful design, robust and ergonomic.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Alex Gordon-Duff

Great present for my daughter giving zoom lectures!

Harmoni Standing Desk
J M pearce-dickens
No more numb bum

In spite of trying all manner of desk stands plus special seating from kneeling stools to saddle seats to fitballs, I always felt stiff, tired and hunched up after a day staring at a screen. Now I feel so much better generally- this desk has transformed my posture, energy levels and stamina. Hooray!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Malachy McAnenny
Great item

Arrived quickly and the walnut Harmoni desk looks amazing. It’s very simple to set up and adjust . Best thing I’ve bought in ages .

standing desk

This desk came very lightly packaged, all cardboard which is recyclable. Very nicely made and extremely easy to put together. Very easy to use and good to experiment with the different heights available, so should fit most people. Just slightly easy to tip over if you lean on an edge. it is a learning curve.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Mrs L K Godfray
Great product!

Bought this for my daughter who is working from home. She was delighted!
Easy to assemble, sleek design and does the job. Highly recommended 😊

Works well!

Excellent standing desk and well worth the money (I bought the lowest price one). I use it as a standing desk, can move the shelves down for when I’m sitting again, and also use it as shelves on weekends. Ordered the mat too but it wasn’t really needed though. The standing desk doesn’t move around enough to scratch the desk. 4 stars only because it needs a lot of space (depth) for the bottom piece so space is limited on the original desk.

Harmoni Carrier Bag
Carron Tobin
Harmoni Carrier Bag

It's very well made and strong which is ideal for carrying the desk - very pleased
It does however feel quite pricey for what it is

Great quality and definitely fit for purpose

Harmoni Standing Desk
Andrew Swaffer
Nice product

The stand-up desk works well and I generally find myself doing a day standing and a day sitting. I'd recommend buying the cork mat to ensure the desk stand stays flat - it has four points of contact so any unevenness can cause it to rock slightly. Also the cork stops any creaking between the desk stand and the surface it sits one. Overall very nice - buy one!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Matthew McCallum
This is a game changer

I absolutely love this standing desk. Since working at home I’ve had back problems and this has really improved my posture and energy. I’m just upset because if I’d waited a couple of weeks I’d have had a free cork mat but you can’t have everything!

Great design, good value

I love my standing desk, it is a great design that looks good and made of nice solid material. Good value for money. I'm finding plenty of different uses for it as well as virtual meetings. I can also sit on the floor and use a laptop. Versatile!

Harmoni Original - Bundle
Nilofer Sheikh-thompkins

Fantastic. Really easy to use, looks good and I’m definitely more productive. Easy to put away too.


I love my new standing desk! It’s the perfect height for working from home!

Good quality, perfect even for a tall person

I love my harmoni standing desk. It’s easy to assemble and store, it’s sturdy and easy to adapt to different heights.

Harmoni Carrier Bag
Ben Saunders
Excellent product

Highly recommend. Product is easy to assemble, sturdy, and compact.

Harmoni Standing Desk
BIllie-Gean Richard
Took it to work

I had rigged my personal desk to be able to stand at it, and found I was more productive, while working from home. When I was able to go back to work, I desperately wanted to be able to stand at my desk. I grew tired faster, and my lower back hurt the longer I sat in my office, hunched over my laptop. So I found this website and purchased the portable standing desk to take to work, and I love it. I can stand or sit when I want to now, and work longer hours. I also appreciate how it is easy to move, adjust the height, or even set it aside if I need my regular desk back.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Peter Marshall
Quite happy with it

Looks nice, functional. Easy to move from one place to another. Easy to adjust height of laptop shelf from typing level to zoom camera level.