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Harmoni Standing Desk
Miss Joanne Formby

Brilliant addition to my office. Looks great, feels great. Really easy to adjust for different family members

Harmoni Standing Desk
Garry Aldridge

I love the concept of having a standing desk, I love the quality of this desk,I love the look and feel of this Desk. What more could anyone ask for.
I’m a business coach and mostly work with my clients over zoom so I get to use this beautiful desk every day, all day, it’s surprising what a difference it can make to how you feel.
Very happy 😃

Harmoni Standing Desk
Judith Patten
Effective within hours!

My chiropractor recommended I buy a Harmoni desk; I trust him, for he is great at sorting out my aged body. The desk arrived on a Monday morning, by mid-afternoon the pain I had been suffering for several months was all but gone. Since then I have bought a balance board, that makes standing much more comfortable because you can wriggle around so it is not as tiring, also a cork mat. All in all with no pain returning I am thrilled and have recommended exploring what Harmoni can offer to several people with tricky backs. Thank you!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Sylvana St Andrews
Had one, bought another

Had one in the office, now have one also at home. Perfect!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Erika Campbell
Standing comfort

I love this desk. I can finally be ina perfectly ergonomic stance. No strain on my neck, no impingement in my shoulder from having my arm in the wrong position.
I got a base to stand on that challenges my balance and allows me to fidget with my stance that will help me stay focused longer.
I love that it breaks down small to tuck away when not using as well it smells great!

Awesome design, easy to assemble and comfortable to use.

Excellent functionality and lovely aesthetic.

With the Harmoni Standing Desk, I feel healthier in my body and thankfully my posture is returning. Like many, working online has meant a more sedentary lifestyle and an unhappy, stagnant body. I'm happy to be experiencing more freedom for natural movement that is not possible when sitting. I'm very grateful. It's also very easy to assemble and disassemble and I find it to have a lovely aesthetic, which for me is as important as functionality.

Sturdy and useful (and cute!!)

It is very easy to assemble, easy to move from place to place. I actually also like to use it on the floor, while seated with my yoga blocks. The multiple heights make it universal. The only thing I have to say is that you need that extra mouse and keyboard if you really want to be comfy while using it; I tried using it with just my laptop and it’s ok, but it’s way better with a mouse and keyboard that are lower than the screen.

Harmoni Plywood Phone Holder Shelf

Love my Harmoni

I’m so impressed with the Harmoni, it has worked out so great. In fact I’ve been telling all my friends about it and bragging that I have better workspace at home then they do.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Anke Herrmann
Game changer

I spend a lot of time at my desk and the Harmoni standing desk is a total game changer - easy to put together, incredibly comfortable working with everything at just the right height, and it takes 2 seconds to pop the laptop to the lower board to sit down for a bit .. brilliant!

Une joie d'utiliser Harmoni desk dans mon quotidien !

A real joy to have Harmoni Desk in my day to day life ! My work and my class are easy and my body is so happy to rest, stand and be understand. ahahaha ! The ergonomic structure and my posture are optimised.

Harmoni® Stehtisch
Simone Gerwers
Top für flexibles arbeiten

Ich freue mich jeden Tag diesen Stehtisch nutzen zu können, weil er mir mehr Flexibilität verschafft. In Zeiten, wo der größte Teil meiner Arbeit online passiert ist er nicht mehr wegzudenken.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Debbie Settle
Well made.

Well made, easy to put together and to use.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Naomi Wasitis
Great Addition to My Home Office

Very happy with my harmoni desk stand, super easy to put together, easy to move around, love the flexibility of the shelves, looks great too. Can’t lean on the keyboard stand which sometimes I forget. Purchased a 2nd one for my husband. Arrived quickly too.

Great for a small space!

I just got my desk today and love it! So simple to set up and it fit in such a small space on my desk... plus the aesthetic is lovely!

Einfach tolles Produkt!

Nach einigen weniger optimalen Lösungen für einen portablen Steh-Arbeitsplatz-Aufsatz bin ich bei Harmoni gelandet und endlich zufrieden.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Brenda Fisher
Amazing product

So happy I bought this product! I have a back injury that causes chronic pain and my job is mostly sitting so having this as an alternative is a life saver! So easy to put together and store away when not using. Shipping came super fast too. Highly recommend!

Einfach und Genial

Der Auf- und Abbau ist sehr einfach. Der Tisch (hab mich für Eiche entschieden) hat eine top Qualität und sieht super aus. Er ist perfekt um daran zu arbeiten und sehr stabil. Würde ich definitiv immer wieder kaufen und auch weiter empfehlen!

Harmoni Standing Desk


I have been using it for a year now and I absolutely love it! Exactly what I needed. Highly recommend it!

Harmoni Standing Desk
K from Toronto
Amazing Support

Great stand up desk! Fast shipping.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Anthony Thompson
Saved my back

This is the best designed and coolest looking standing desk. BEautifullyd esigned and easy to set up, move and store.
After weeks of back pain from spending too much time sitting at my desk the Harmoni has eased the discomfort and is now firmly part of my office. Highly recommeded

Harmoni Standing Desk
Mark McDonagh
Delighted with it

So happy with the Harmoni Standing Desk would highly recommend it to anyone looking to spend less time sitting 👍

No going back

I could never work without my Harmony Desk

Great stand

Arrived within 2 days of ordering. Great quality, easy to erect. Perfect for working from home!