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About Harmoni

The evidence is in: sitting for hours a day at our desks is not only creating serious health problems, but also having unfavourable effects on our productivity and mood.

Standing desks are proven to boost productivity by 46%. For this reason, increasing numbers of people are now opting to work whilst standing, so that they can be successful in their careers without compromising on their health and wellness.

Whilst most standing to work solutions are clunky, heavy and industrial, the Harmoni standing desk is simple, elegant and contemporary. Crafted from strong and sustainably sourced birch plywood, the natural design of the Harmoni desk fits seamlessly into any workspace.

It’s About More Than Just Your Posture...

Heart disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, depression, metabolic syndrome, muscle degeneration, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, dementia…

Sedentary work is associated with countless serious health issues, so we’ve taken a stand.

Standing to work burns more calories, reduces blood sugar spikes, increases spinal alignment and boosts the supply of oxygen-rich blood cells reaching the brain. All of this keeps you feeling alert, motivated and, above all, healthy.