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The Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Vancouver

The ambiance of a workspace does wonders on our productivity, mood, and even our physical health. For those who don’t work in an office, the freedom to choose a workspace where one can get all tasks done is both a blessing and a curse. It can be a challenge finding a space that’s the total package: comfortable, non-disruptive, and has a good wifi connection. For some, it also means a place that serves great coffee! If you find the atmosphere of a coffee shop inviting, here are ones you should definitely check out: 

Pittie Coffee Interior

Image Source: Pittie Coffee

Pittie Coffee (3702 Main Street)

If you’re looking to a cafe to work intently on a project, you should definitely check out Pittie Coffee! It’s quiet, calm, and has a bright atmosphere to get you right to crunch mode.  


Honolulu Coffee Exterior

Image Source: Honolulu Coffee

Honolulu Coffee (multiple locations)

When you imagine what it’s like in Honolulu coffee, you’re most probably imagining it right; it’s like stepping right into Hawaii, with delicious acai bowls to match the vibe! They have a wide variety of meals to choose from and with their tropical decor, you won’t think twice about staying there the entire work day. 



Milano Espresso Lounge Exterior

Image Source: Yellow Pages

Milano Espresso Lounge (36th Powell St.)

Taking inspiration from espresso shops in Italy, Milano Espresso Lounge is the place to be for digital workers who love (and probably cannot function without) their coffee. Behind their espresso drinks is a roaster who mastered his skills in Little Italy, Vancouver! The industrial, rustic decor is a great addition to the mood, too!


Lost + Found Cafe Exterior

Image Source: Canada247

Lost + Found Cafe (33 W Hastings St.)

If you’ve temporarily lost your knack for creativity, you’d find it here (pun intended)! Reminiscent of an art gallery, the delightful cafe is a popular attraction to writers and artists alike. They also have the space to hold small events like book launches!


The Coffee Bar Exterior

Image Source:

The Coffee Bar (10 Water St.) 

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with work, you’d love the relaxing atmosphere of The Coffee Bar. Think of it as unwinding at your neighbourhood bar but with really good espresso! 


Propaganda Coffee Interior


Image Source: Nosh & Nibble

Propaganda Cafe (209 E Pender St.)

There’s something about being surrounded with aesthetically pleasing interiors that speak comfort. If you’re a huge fan of laid back, Scandinavian style decor, you should make your way to Propaganda Cafe! Their mind-boosting coffees and spacious layout make it a great spot for business meetings as well. 


The Gallery Patio & Lounge Indoor Sitting

Image Source: Gallery Patio & Lounge

Gallery Patio & Lounge (6133 University Blvd, 4th floor)

Gallery Patio & Lounge is located on the UBC campus, so you’d be around a lot of other people working on their laptops that’ll help get you into serious work mode. Their food menu is pretty popular and they even have drinks to cap the end of a work day! 


JJ Bean Indoors

Image Source: Dialog

JJ Bean (multiple locations)

All around Vancouver you’d find a JJ Bean, 19 branches to be exact! They’re open from 6 am to 11 pm, best for when you’re looking at a relatively long work day. Their coffee, food menu, and fast wifi definitely won’t disappoint! 



49th Parallel Coffee Bar

Image Source: Londsdale Avenue

49th Parallel Cafe (multiple locations)

Get motivated by satisfying your sweet tooth at 49th Parallel Cafe. Their dreamy doughnuts and bright atmosphere are work-friendly to say the least! 


Aperture Coffee Bar Indoor Sitting

Image Source: Aperture Coffee

Aperture coffee (4124 Main St. & 243 Broadway Street)

If you need to bust the creative thinking caps, you should pay Aperature a visit! Get surrounded with artsy, cozy interiors, espressos, and refreshing snacks as you finish your works of art! 

To Conclude

Vancouver is just filled with coffee shops that non-traditional remote workers will love. Whether you just can’t spend another minute in your home office or you’re doing a quick, outdoor meeting, you’d surely find what you’re looking for in these coffee shops! If you pay any of these cafes a visit, let us know how it went!